Game # 244Boys Under 13

Saturday, Jun 10, 2023
University of Guelph West U13+ @ 15:00

Maximillian RAAB
Slobodan GLIBO


Guelph Jr. Gryphons Red




Toronto United FC U13HP

50 Stone Road East, Guelph, ON,N1G 2W2

Dressing rooms are located in the Arena Building

U of G’s Guelph campus is  a tobacco - and smoke-free environment.
This applies to everyone on campus, including visitors, conference delegates, sports teams and camp families. 
It applies to the entire Guelph campus and Arboretum. A map of campus boundaries is available online.
The policy includes:
• smoking
• vaping, and 
• the use of smokeless tobacco (e.g., chewing tobacco).


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Boys Under 13
Power FC - TPreFC Toronto U
Bryst CR SocPreRichmond Hil
DFC Union FCPreToronto Azzu
Barrie PreToronto High
FFTW AcademyPreNorth Missis
Brampton SC PreMississauga
Scarborough PreNorth York A
North York FPreDutch Connec
Erin Mills EPreLondon Allia
Kitchener TFPreBrampton Eli
Hamilton SpaPreStratford St
King City RoPreVaughan Azzu
York Utd FCPreOttawaTFC BU
Burlington BPreSarnia FC
Lakeshore UnPreBurlington F
Guelph Jr. GPreToronto Unit
Southwest LoPreWinner G10
Mississauga PreWinner G18
North York FPreWinner G2
Glen ShieldsPreWinner G4
CFA U13 ToroPreWinner G5
The ScarboroPreWinner G9
InternationaPreWinner G8
Kingston UniPreWinner G3
Mississauga PreWinner G17
Kitchener TFPreWinner G16
Milton YouthPreWinner G15
InternationaPreWinner G11
Windsor CaboPreThorold Socc
Cambridge UnPreWinner G12
Mississauga PreWinner G13
North DurhamPreWinner G7
East York AtPreWinner G8
Greater SudbPreEast York SC


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